In 2004, Caribou Coffee partnered with our exporter to build and open a medical clinic in El Paraiso, La Libertad in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. "We helped to fund this project to show our support and commitment to a very important sourcing community where our first Rainforest Alliance Certification™ efforts began," said Chad Trewick, senior director of coffee and tea for Caribou Coffee. Community building On our recent visit to the medical clinic, we were excited to see so many positive changes in the community. People no longer have to walk for half a day to get medical care, and the clinic has expanded with two additional exam rooms to help even more people. We were also pleased to see the facility has evolved over the years and is now being used as an educational and community center with new desks and computers set up in a classroom. We help to cover the ongoing annual expenses of these facilities through the price we pay for our green coffee.

Since Caribou Coffee Company encouraged widespread Rainforest Alliance Certification, the community has transformed itself well beyond this clinic project. Cooperative community efforts, inspired by the Rainforest Alliance principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility, have addressed issues such as waste disposal, education and potable water, thereby improving quality of life for all who live there.

The community has continued to excel in their coffee production work as well, providing Caribou with important Guatemalan coffees. It is with sincere pride that many of the farmers tell of the continual benefits of improved quality, production, prices, and worker satisfaction that they now feel through their support and appreciation for wildlife and water conservation.

Rainforest stream"We are proud and happy to encourage our global farmers to achieve Rainforest Alliance Certification because we know what a life-changing difference it makes for our producing communities, and we recognize that a good cup of coffee goes beyond taste - it starts with farming practices that are environmentally and socially responsible," expressed Chad.