The Caribou Coffee Quality Advantage

Our Roastmasters are personally responsible for all our coffees. They've spent years in the field "quite literally" discovering and delivering the best coffees from around the world.

A note from our coffee traveler:

As the fellow who travels the globe in search of the finest coffees to be found, I have a deep and personal connection to each of our coffees. More importantly, I have made a connection to the people and the lands that produce those wonderful coffees. For over 10 years it has been the coffee department's charge to develop and maintain relationships with the people at the beginning of our coffee supply chain. Those people are the farmers and the exporters in each country of origin. Unlike our company's size might suggest, we are not operating anonymously in purchasing our coffee. Instead, we have cultivated long-term relationships that are influencing and impacting entire families and communities around the globe.

I am often told how lucky I am to travel around the world to do the work that I do for Caribou Coffee. And, while I agree, it isn't as glamorous as most people think. You see, in order to have a sourcing relationship with the people responsible for the special beans that I seek; I have to travel intensely throughout the rustic interior of the coffee producing countries. Hours are logged in cars winding through mountain roads, strange foods wreak havoc on my digestive system, and my body struggles to figure out what time it is. Days often start before dawn and last well past bedtime. Hotel after hotel is checked into and out often leaving me to wake not knowing where I am. I tell you these less glamorous aspects of our search for the world's finest coffees because it is the reality of the pursuit. It is how we at Caribou Coffee make sure we have an ongoing supply of the quality coffees our guests have come to expect. While it is an investment for us, it is one that is worthwhile because it allows us to not sacrifice quality.

While I am often the face of our coffee team, let me be clear that there is an incredible team of people that work behind the scenes - from the folks who buy the beans, to those who receive them into our warehouse, to those who blend, roast and package them, and finally to those who perform quality assurance tests. We are fortunate at Caribou Coffee to have a bunch of coffee lunatics dedicated to finding and taking care of the beans that make our coffees so special.

All of the effort is worth it because coffee is our passion and we wouldn't have it any other way. So please, sit back and enjoy the fruits of this incredible team's efforts in your cup...any way you like it.

Chad A. Trewick
Sr. Director of Coffee & Tea

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