Healthy Suggestions

Substıtute non-fat whıp.

Our new non-fat is delicious! And you’ll save 11 grams of fat and 85 calories by selecting non-fat whip instead of regular whipped cream.

Skıp the whıp.

Tell us to hold the whipped cream. You'll save 100 calories and 11 grams of fat right off the top of any drink size.

Skım ıt back a bıt.

Ask for skim milk. You'll lose 35 calories and five grams of fat for every cup of milk.

Keep ıt flavorful, but sugar-free.

Our sugar-free syrups save you between 75 and 125 calories, depending on the size of your beverage.

You call the shots.

Cut the calories by asking for just a half shot of your favorite regularly sweetened syrup.

Say soy.

Soy is naturally lactose-free, enriched with calcium and chock-full of important vitamins.


We're helping you rethink your favorite Caribou Coffee treats. Whether you're counting calories or keeping the fat content down, Caribou Coffee has a drink for you. Below is a collection of delicious options from our drink menu (size small).

coffee iced_mocha
Hot DrinksCaloriesFat
Northern Lite Mocha1856gr
Northern Lite Berry White Mocha1856gr
Northern Lite Turtle Mocha1856gr
Northen Lite Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha1856gr
Northern Lite Caramel High Rise1150,5gr
Northern Lite Latte900,5gr
Coffee Of The Day50gr
Cold DrinksCaloriesFat
Northern Lite Mocha Cooler1503,5gr
Iced Northern Lite Mocha1403gr
Northern Lite Berry White Mocha Cooler1403gr
Northern Lite Turtle Mocha Cooler1403gr
Iced Northern Lite Latte800,5gr
Cold Press Iced Coffee50gr
Iced Tea ( All Flavors )00gr