Choosing the proper grind is as important as using fresh beans and clean water. The general rule? The shorter the brewing time, the finer the grind should be.

Find your ideal grind:

  • Whole Bean
    You get the beans. Then grind them at home as you like.
  • Espresso
    The finest grind. Made especially for home espresso machines.
  • Paper Filter
    The finer of automatic-drip settings. Use this in standard drip-brew coffeemakers with paper filters.
  • Gold Filter
    The coarser of automatic drip settings. Works with conical metal filters.
  • Percolator
    One of the coarser grinds. Use in percolating coffeemakers. (Note: Caribou Coffee does not recommend percolator brewing. It severely over-extracts bitter oils and acids.)
  • French Press
    The coarsest grind. Use in press pots or French press coffeemakers.

For the best-tasting coffee possible, we recommend that you order whole beans and grind just before you brew. However, if you prefer, we can grind it for you in any Caribou Coffee or via our online retail store.