We're looking for highly qualified, passionate Caribou Coffee Sub-franchisees to help us bring Caribou Coffee to markets within the Middle East. You could be a great candidate if you:

  • Have a proven track record of successfully bringing new restaurant brands into your local market
  • Live, work and have strong business connections in the area you wish to franchise
  • Have retail real estate development expertise in the area you wish to franchise
  • Have the necessary infrastructure and resources to support our development schedule
  • Commit to a multi-unit development plan, with a minimum of 5 stores in 5 years.
  • Have the necessary financial resources to develop the Caribou Coffee brand. In general per store, as investment cost we require 200.000$ - $400,000 net according to size of store (individual or partnership). Based on the requirement, do you meet the qualifications? If you meet the qualifications please fill out the form below in more detail.

If you're interested in bringing the world's best coffee to your local market, kindly furnish answers to the points mentioned below:

Name Surname :
E-Mail :
Phone :
1. Caribou Coffee prefers that candidates have multi-unit restaurant/retail development experience. Do you or your partner currently have multi-unit restaurant/retail development experience?
2. Are you currently involved in the restaurant/retail industry?
3. Please detail your experience in the restaurant/retail industry.
4. How many restaurant/retail properties have you developed, either through ownership or leasing?
5. How long have you lived or worked in the market you wish to develop?
6. Have you or your partner ever filed for bankruptcy? If so, when?
7. Name and Company Profile
8. Overview of the companies/businesses currently operating in the market.
9. Recent developments and business strategy for future growth of the company.