Caribou Coffee Natural Decaf™

Often, coffee companies use a chemical called methylene chloride to strip caffeine from the beans. While this process is believed to be safe to consumers, it does deprive the beans of some natural flavors. It also leaves a chemical residue.

Not so with Caribou Coffee Natural Decaf™. Using an all-natural, chemical-free decaffeination processes, we're able to preserve all the full, rich Caribou Coffee flavor of our regular blends.

The all-natural decaf process includes two simple steps:

  • Steaming
    This opens the beans' pores, making them responsive to the solvent that will remove the caffeine.
  • Drawing
    After steaming, a coffee solids-rich solvent is introduced to draw the caffeine out of the coffee. Presently, we are using water as our exclusive decaffeination solvent. Because the water has already absorbed soluble solids from a batch of green coffee that is discarded to start the decaffeination solution, it leaves most of those important flavor-imparting solids intact resulting in a pleasantly intense decaffeinated coffee.
    • Water (H2O)
      Water is the solvent of choice. Water is used to remove caffeine from the bulk of our Caribou Coffee Natural Decaf™ allowing us to preserve nearly 100% of the coffee’s original flavors.
    Caribou Coffee's all-natural, chemical-free process costs more, but we believe it's worth it. We invite you to taste the difference with an all-natural, chemical-free cup of decaf.